Press releases

01.09.2020KfW IPEX-Bank and MEAG participating in PPP financing to expand A49 motorway in Hesse

26.08.2020MEAG with second infrastructure fund for professional investors

07.08.2020Top marks for Munich Re in the 2020 PRI Assessment

12.05.2020Management changes at MEAG

April 14, 2020KfW IPEX-Bank and MEAG invest in PPP financing for expansion of the A3 motorway in northern Bavaria

March 03, 2020MEAG launches the MEAG Global Real Estate Value mutual fund

February 04, 2020MEAG buys wind farm in Poland

January 23, 2020MEAG acquires office building in Lyon

January 17, 2020Equity consortium agrees to acquire stakes in New York’s Astoria Energy facilities

18 December 2019Munich Re Agrees to Buy Manhattan Skyscraper

09 December 2019MEAG finances extension of the A9 by Amsterdam

06.12.2019MEAG acquires share in the Dublin Waste to Energy PPP project

04.11.2019Frank Becker new MEAG Managing Director for institutional clients

23.10.2019Commerzbank, Deutsche Börse and MEAG to reach further step in post-trade services using distributed ledger technology

08.10.2019Andree Moschner takes over as Chairman of the Management Board of MEAG

19.09.2019MEAG completes acquisition of Indigo stake

01.08.2019Top marks for Munich Re in the 2019 PRI Assessment

MEAG infrastructure debt fund collects over € 660 million

19.07.2019MEAG to finance trains in Berlin's regional rail network

16.07.2019MEAG Invests in Motorways in Portugal

01.07.2019MEAG invests in broadband expansion in France

29.04.2019MEAG finances passenger train services in Saxony-Anhalt

18.03.2019MEAG and Luxcara again structure financing for Norwegian wind farms

19.02.2019Blockchain with no strings attached

25.01.2019MEAG finances high-speed rail link between Tours and Bordeaux

16.01.2019MEAG Infrastructure Debt Fund successfully launched with first closing

03.01.2019MEAG acquires solar park in the south of Spain

14.12.2018MEAG invests in US forests

13.11.2018MEAG invests in Dutch motorway tunnel

26.10.2018Wolfgang Wente new Managing Director at MEAG KAG

01.10.2018Thomas Kurtz new MEAG Managing Director

07.09.2018Top Grade for Munich Re in the 2017 PRI Survey

30.08.2018Munich Re takes over Swedish wind farm

14.08.2018MEAG and Luxcara structure financing for Norwegian wind farm

17.07.2018First Structured Finance Solution by Institutional Investors of a German Passenger Rail Concession

15.06.2018MEAG acquires share in US water utility

16.05.2018MEAG management: Waldstein takes over CEO from Kabisch

12.03.2018MEAG Board of Management: Barkmann follows Giehr

28.02.2018MEAG successful with real estate

19.01.2018MEAG advises on acquisition of the Washington Building in Washington, D.C.